James Birkholz

I worked in graphics arts (desktop publishing, commercial printing) for 12 years; was *the* IT dept for a small semi-conductor manufacturing firm for 7 years; and am now heavily involved in building controls/automation for a large church.

I’ve been involved in online genealogy research and tools since 1997.

I have a strong preference for types of music that has nothing to do with genre (unique, pleasing melodies).

My blog.

My playlists can be heard here.

I am a survivor (so far, since 2004) of head & neck cancer.

I know a little German, need to know more, plus Polish for my research needs. My wife and daughter are learning Japanese.

I am currently hard at work building a large scale website, a combination genealogy Surname Registry and Hometown forums. I hope to launch by the end of 2009.