Birchy’s favorite viral videos

A linkfest to the ones I *had* to share with my peeps



Validation – An inspirational short film
World Builder – Award winning short
Sebastian’s voodoo
Lovefield – A short film by Mathieu Ratthe
Britain’s Got Talent – 6 year old girl Connie

Light shows

Pilobolus – Shadows of New York


100 movies, 100 quotes, 100 numbers
Creative commercial for Loewe sound system
Penn and Teller explain sleight of hand
What news anchors do during a commercial break
Viral stop motion animation for V Water
Pixar – BURN-E
Mona Lisa painted in 80 milliseconds


Optical illusion girlfriend
Sexy Panda time
Hypnotizing a dog with cupcakes
Totally awesome gun commercial
Tug of War (Japanese style)
Why you should never hit your office computer
Paul Hunt’s comedic uneven bar routine
Just cleaning up
Ever been this drunk?
 =Adult material=
Unaired Wienerschnitzel commercial – Gotcha
Do you have a porn buddy? one of my favorite comedies…
Worst Job Ever


Andy McKee – Amazing Acoustic Guitar Solo and Erik Mongrain – Awesome acoustic guitar player

WTH (What the heck?)

Science behind dolphin bubbles
Meet the invisible octopus
This dog is clearly defective try not to laugh, it’s easy to resist at first…


Guy transports 20 bricks on his head
Rapid cell regeneration
This is one bad ass book scanner
Slow motion lightning
Awesome guitar player
High Power Job
OMG it’s Spider-Man!
Tree Terminator
Cyril Raffaelli the amazing stuntman


Huge forklift accident
Customer stops abandoned moving car from crashing
Snow Parking
Plane hits cow during landing
Squirrel slingshot
Yet another train close call
Man barely dodges train
Out of control truck rolls over
This is why you respect the fence
Two fire trucks collide at the intersection
Horrific bus crash into a truck
Semi truck tries to outrun a train and fails miserably
Police stop a bank robber the hard way
Shocking motorcycle accident
Yet another reason why you shouldn’t run a red light
Miracle man survives freaky train collision
Driving through a Russian intersection
Traffic chaos
Driving in India
How to cross the street in India


Sleep walking dog runs into a wall
Shark does a spinning jump behind surfer
The Amazing Lyrebird – Unseen Footage!
Otter rock handling skills

Cute animations

Simon’s cat – TV dinner
Simon’s cat – Let me in!
Simon’s cat – Wake up
Simon’s dog – Fed up


That’s the last time she will be bowling here
World’s worst women drivers compilation video
Noob forgets to put his parking brake on
Massive shopping cart FAIL
Tow truck flips over… helping another truck
Boat unloading accident


Clever tire repair
Reverse bungee jumping

None of the above

Most gruesome claymation ever
If fonts were human (I’d put it under “Funny”, but most ppl won’t get this
Chicken factory

Music Videos

White & Nerdy (“Weird Al”) (Thanks to the Donny Osmond part, this is a classic, up there with Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody)
Feist – 1-2-3-4
OK GO – Treadmills video
Gorillaz – Clint EastwoodFeel Good, Inc.
Chairlift “Evident Utensil”