Alumni Registration Websites compared



A quick summary and rating of websites where one can reconnect with their classmates.

Rating Website Pros Cons
Tree52 is a webstite that deals with hometowns, but has an alumni section as large as any.
Completely free (ad-supported)
The most comprehensive, largest list of classmates . Integration into reconnecting with hometown people, news, obits, forums and ancestors. Reasonable amount of privacy.
Not very polished, and full of ads. Free (ad-supported). Large user base, some forum activity (“Wall” posts to the “Group” page). Some people will never use Facebook. Despite huge user base, participation is low. Alumni pages (“Group” pages) are hidden away, users must actively seek them and usually forget to check back. Mostly free (donations solicited). Support for customization (videos, slideshows, polls, etc.) Due to lack of marketing, participation is spotty .
Highly aggressive merchandise marketer.
A fair amount of features. Expensive, costs at least $20, in spite of heavy advetsiing for their merchandise. Due to cost and commmercialization, classmate participation is low . Free (ad-supported). High level of privacy. Difficult to use , to see class lists, or to become registered. Privacy emphasis interferes with smooth usage. Participation is low.
Avoid Large database of user-contributed class lists. Expensive (subscription-based). Deceptive advertising and usage practices. High rate of consumer complaints . Leaving messages for classmates (or even just clicking on their name) generates an email to them to renew their membership, without revealing the nature of your activity. Due to cost, classmate participation is low. (now “”) None After several years of gathering a wealth of personal information as an alumni registration site (using deceptive advertising), morphed into a information reseller called “”. This is the kind of site that sells information about you to anyone for $17.95. High rate of consumer complaints .