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Alumni Registration Websites compared

A quick summary and rating of websites where one can reconnect with their classmates.


Reconnecting with people

How to find old friends, classmates, etc

A collection of tips for finding the people that dropped out of our lives.

Learning Japanese (how to get started)

Suggested procedures and resources to make it as easy as possible

Learning Japanese presents to major difficulties for English-speakers: different alphabet(s) and different sentence structure. This set of knols offers a suggested set of steps and some tips and tricks to make learning the new alphabets as easy as possible.

Computer virus removal (Quick & dirty)

Fastest way to deal with viruses, spyware and malware

You (or someone you care about) is having problems with a PC and suspect an infection. You want to try to fix it as quickly and painlessly as possible, so here are some first steps that often result in success.

Music you haven’t heard (but should)

Could'a, should'a, been hits...

These could have been USA hits, but weren’t.
Everyone’s taste in music is different, but if you like unique-but-pleasing melodies (like Paul Simon, for example) you might find some new favorites in this list.

James Birkholz

I worked in graphics arts (desktop publishing, commercial printing) for 12 years; was *the* IT dept for a small semi-conductor manufacturing firm for 7 years; and am now heavily involved in building controls/automation for a large church. I’ve been involved in online genealogy research and tools since 1997. I have a strong preference for types […]

How to manage money daily

A practical tool for knowing your daily bank balance for the next year

This knol describes a powerful, friendly spreadsheet tool that will allow you to project into the future and identify times when cash flow will be a problem, giving you time to take steps to minimize hardship.

Birchy’s favorite viral videos

A linkfest to the ones I *had* to share with my peeps

Touching SignsValidation – An inspirational short filmWorld Builder – Award winning shortSebastian’s voodooLovefield – A short film by Mathieu RattheOktapodiBritain’s Got Talent – 6 year old girl Connie Light shows Pilobolus – Shadows of New York Fun 100 movies, 100 quotes, 100 numbersCreative commercial for Loewe sound systemPenn and Teller explain sleight of handWhat news […]

Omelets, the easy way

A how-to guide for the occasional cook

These tasty treats can be pretty easy to whip up, but only if you know some tricks. Cooked eggs, cheese and onion are a perfect flavor combination, and make a good impression on your houseguest(s).

Make money taking surveys online?

Is it true or is it scam?

What I’ve learned in trying the online survey for money opportunities, and what I’d wish I’d known beforehand. There is lots of advice available but much of it is disguised advertising and the rest is incomplete at best.